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Supra implements dVRF on the Cronos Blockchain

Supra officially declares the incorporation of their Decentralized Verifiable Random Function (dVRP) with the Cronos Blockchain. This landmark development will help improve Web3 building and provide the option for creators and developers in the Cronos ecosystem to utilize their advanced VRF technology.

Utilizing exclusive algorithms, Supra’s dVRF generates random numbers that are both unpredictable and cryptographically secure. The function holds great importance in the context of Blockchain applications, encompassing decentralized gambling, on-chain lotteries, and a multitude of innovative use cases that require reliable randomness.

Cronos, developed using the Cosmos SDK, stands as a leading Ethereum-adaptable Layer 1 Blockchain network. Over 500 application developers and associates support it, including Crypto.com and Crypto.org. At present, the #CROfam ecosystem represents an ever-evolving global user community exceeding 80 million individuals.

The way it integrates with the EVM transforms it into a platform with multiple functions for developers. Furthermore, Cronos has gained recognition for its enhanced transaction output, rapid finality, and cost-effectiveness, all of which are enabled by its Proof of Authority (POA) consensus mechanism.

Due to the features mentioned above, it is a viable platform for decentralized applications and smart contracts. It offers reduced expenses and a user-friendly interface in comparison to traditional platforms. The Blockchain’s support for the Inter Blockchain Communications (IBC) protocol enables interoperability and expands the creative possibilities for Web3 applications.

Presently, developers on Cronos can integrate Supra’s VRF technology within their respective applications and improve their features and dependability factor. Incorporating Supra’s VRF with Cronos’ strong and multi-faceted framework encourages developers to build more and more involved applications in the Web3 arena.  

The team at Supra is dedicated to introducing high standards for Oracle solutions, RNG/VRFs, pricing data, and data oracles while also focusing on functionalities, dependability aspects, and safety concerns. They include comprehensive manuals and white papers in their developer toolkit. This guarantees high-level and convenient exposure to the development and maintenance of data applications.

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