Account Creation

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Account Creation Process

We have three kind of initial account creation processes.

  1. Automated
  2. Hybrid
  3. Manual
  1. Automated Processes
  2. When our RSS feed and news aggregator and curator code pulls a news article from the any source, It tries to look for the author section and creates the account in that name to display the rightful person as author. If the code cannot fetch the author it gives the ownership to the news source which is generally any publication or a company.
  3. Hybrid
  4. When our team creates an account at the backend, a user may get an email about the account creation and upon verification of the account your account is created. User can also create an account and await the approval from our team. Once approved, your account is created with us. This is a mix of automated and manual system.
  5. Manual
  6. Sometimes we create an account on behalf of our users, partners or any other entity as per the situation and give them their user login and passwords.

Account Policies.

No policy or terms and conditions are affected by the way your account is created. However, you do not become our member even if you have an account with us. Mostly, only verified profiles can become members and that too, solely at our discretion. By becoming a member, you must comply and agree to the membership terms and conditions mentioned in the “Membership Terms” Page.

Business Accounts

Verified profiles marked with blue background and white tick mark next to their profiles are business accounts. Business accounts are official and legal representatives of their businesses. Business accounts can keep their advertising code or banners on our website only at the bottom of their written article and can earn by publishing their contents on our website only through their written articles.

Recognized Account

A white tick with grey background denotes a recognized account, Recognized accounts are mostly government officials or government departments. They may or may not be an official or direct representation of their authority/post/department or obligations. These accounts are generally for the information and guidance on any situation or issues pertaining to relevant important subject. They are to help spread awareness and information to the general public. Currently our membership and accounts are only limited to businesses, government officials and offices, elected representatives, business journalists and business persons.

Sharing of Account Information

All account information is shared to the relevant law and order machinery by default or upon request.

Information Storage

Passwords are stored in an encrypted format in a database. All other details are stored in plain format in a database.