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The court upholds the rights of the actor in the movie “Who Wants to Be a Billionaire”? Confronting artificial intelligence Movie theater

Anil Kapoor, an experienced Indian actor Join the cast Who wants to be Billionair?, a 2008 Oscar-winning film that received eight statuettes, managed to win, in the High Court in New Delhi, a case guaranteeing the protection of his name, image, voice and “other attributes of his personality.” The specialized bulletin reported diverse.

At a time when the audiovisual sector is expressing increasing concern about the development of artificial intelligence systems, the possibility that technology will render some professions obsolete, in this case reproducing the image and voice of real actors and actresses, is of deep concern to professionals. In the field – Kapoor was able to see a “historic” process going his way, and thus created a legal precedent.

The decision taken by the New Delhi High Court protects the rights of the actor throughout the world and in all forms, be it television, cinema or any other medium, points for diverseWho listened to Kapoor. “I am very happy with this decision, which I think is very progressive and useful, not only for me, but also for other actors,” he said, explaining that, with the guarantee of protection that had just been granted to him, he could, as soon as he saw it, delete GIFs, Deep fakes Or any other items that somehow contain a version of the actor generated by the AI ​​system.

Al-Hindi stressed that “my intention is not to interfere with anyone’s freedom of expression.” “It was rather to protect my personal rights and prevent any misuse of them for commercial purposes, especially in light of the current scenario of rapid technological transformations.”

a diverse He points out that Anil Kapoor, the 66-year-old actor, made the decision to bring the case to justice in the face of the torrent of videos and… com. emojis Imitating their appearance using artificial intelligence will be popular. yours “Iconic expression“ “jhakaas“was used for the first time in the movie Yodahsince 1985 (meaning “high”), and is now also protected.

While this decision has just been made in India, in the United States, where screenwriters and actors continue their strike – the first since May, the second since July – the negotiating impasse between unions and major studios continues. a diverse Reports The Writers Guild of America, an association representing Hollywood screenwriters, and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, an association representing major studios and television platforms flowIt will meet again this Wednesday. The two entities have not yet reached an agreement on drafting a new collective labor contract.

a diverse He writes that progress has been made in regulating the future use of new generative technological tools, but notes that “there are still disagreements about whether the work of screenwriters can be used to train AI systems.”

Kapoor expressed his solidarity with his American colleagues. “I am always and completely with them. I believe that your rights should be protected; everyone, old and young, popular and unpopular, all actors have the right to have their rights protected.”

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