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The popularity of national youth rock climbing competitions is on the rise-Sports-中工网

Original title: The competition system is constantly optimized to help outstanding players stand out (quote)

The popularity of national youth rock climbing competitions is on the rise (theme)

China Sports News reporter Du Jie

The opening match of the 2023 season of the China Rock Climbing League kicked off in Wuhan, Hubei on April 7. In the competition regulations of the league, there is such a rule that each participating unit should register at least one athlete between the ages of 14 and 17. This seemingly simple regulation reflects the cultivation and emphasis on young rock climbers by the Mountaineering Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China and the China Mountaineering Association.

As a sport, rock climbing plays a very positive role in cultivating the quality of will and shaping the healthy personality of teenagers. Rock climbing is an emerging project on the Olympic stage. If it wants to develop healthily and sustainably, it must focus on the construction of a talent echelon. Judging from the Zhejiang Jiangshan Station of the 2023 National Youth Rock Climbing Open that ended not long ago, a total of 99 teams and 716 players participated in the competition. Also in Jiangshan, the Zhejiang Jiangshan Station of the 2018 National Youth U-Series Rock Climbing League held 5 years ago had 36 participating teams with a total of 187 participants. Judging from this competition, the enthusiasm of young people to participate in rock climbing is high, among which the U11 group has the largest number of participants, with 241 participants in this group alone. Yu Jianxin, deputy secretary-general of the Youth Committee of the China Mountaineering Association, said that the age distribution curve of the participants in this competition is basically the same as that of previous competitions, but the number is a step higher. The number of participants in the U11 group alone has reached the previous competition scale.

Judging from the regional distribution of contestants, Zhejiang has the largest number of contestants, with 179 contestants. Followed by Guangdong, there are 84 people. A total of 72 medals were produced in this competition. Zhejiang won a total of 27 medals with 8 golds, 10 silvers and 9 bronzes, and Guangdong won a total of 20 medals with 6 golds, 7 silvers and 7 bronzes. In other words, areas that have done a good job in the popularization of rock climbing have a correspondingly higher level of rock climbing.

Judging from the competitive level of young rock climbers, there is currently a problem of unbalanced competitive level. A few young athletes such as Li Mini and Tan Youtian have entered the first echelon of adulthood, and a large number of promising young athletes such as Mu Runze and Huang Heming have also emerged, but most of them are in the stage of mastering rock climbing skills.

The Mountaineering Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China and the China Mountaineering Association will adhere to the system concept, problem-oriented and goal-oriented, strengthen the construction of the national rock climbing development system for young people, further promote the popularization of both campus and off-campus levels, and optimize and improve rock climbing reserves Talent training system. At present, in the youth rock climbing competition system organized by the CDA, there are the National Junior Rock Climbing Championships, the National Youth U Series Rock Climbing League, and the National Youth Rock Climbing Open. Yu Jianxin revealed that 6 to 7 national youth rock climbing competitions will be held this year. With the increasing number of participants, the classification and management of competitions has been put on the agenda, and relevant plans are being formulated. Yu Jianxin said that this year, it is planned to launch a new championship for domestic high-level young rock climbers, so as to give more outstanding young rock climbers the opportunity to exercise and improve, and help them stand out. At the same time, relevant parties are also actively coordinating and communicating, striving to create conditions for outstanding young athletes to participate in high-level events such as the National Championships and China Rock Climbing League.

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