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The Super Mario Bros Movie Ending Explained: Decoding the Climax and Post-Credits to Chris Pratt’s Animated Film and How it Sets Up a Sequel! (SPOILER ALERT) | 🎥 LatestLY

Who would have thought that years after the release of the live-action The Super Mario Bros film, we would have another one, but this time animated. Starring Chris Pratt as the moustached-plumber, The Super Mario Bros Movie is finally out, and well, it’s okay. Light on plot, it does get the aesthetic of the character right at least and focuses on building out a cinematic universe around Nintendo that many fans might be excited by. The Super Mario Bros Movie Review: Chris Pratt’s Animated Film is Bogged Down By a Paper-Thin Plot Over-Laden With Nintendo Nostalgia (LatestLY Exclusive).

The Super Mario Bros Movie certainly is filled with Nintendo references throughout. So much so, that its entire universe thrives around of it. You have Donkey Kong appearing in here, there is a post-credits scene that sets up a sequel, and there is just a lot that comes to mind here. So, with that being said, let’s dive deep into the ending of The Super Mario Bros Movie and break it down.

The Ending

A Still From The Super Mario Bros Movie (Photo Credits: Universal Pictures)

The ending of The Super Mario Bros Movie sees Bowser try to forcefully marry Princess Peach, however, during the ceremony she breaks it up and defeats Bowser’s troops. They are then interrupted by Mario and Donkey Kong who try to save those taken in captive by Bowser, including Luigi. Mario then gets into a chase with a missile, that sees him blow up one of the pipes and it sees everyone in Mushroom Kingdom be teleported to New York.

In New York, Mario and Luigi finally team-up to defeat Bowser. Princess Peach distracts the Brute, and tells Mario and Luigi to get the Super Star which powers them up, and makes them invincible. The duo is then able to defeat Bowser and save Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach feeds Bowser the Blue Shell which shrinks him down, and the movie ends with Mario and Luigi living in the Mushroom Kingdom.

The Mid and Post-Credits Scenes and How It Sets Up a Sequel

The Super Mario Bros Movie has two scenes at the end. The mid-credits see a shrunken down Bowser performing a duet in his cage before he is interrupted, while the post-credits scene teases an egg in the depths of New York sewers, which teases Yoshi’s arrival. It pretty much confirms that if a potential sequel is to happen (and looking at the box-office projections there definitely is going to be one), it looks like we might see the dinosaur appear in the second film.

For those who don’t know who Yoshi is, well they are basically an ally of Mario and Luigi and helps them out from time-to-time. Yoshi has their own mainline set of games too and acts as a ridable partner for Mario and Luigi. Yoshi also has a tongue that can just gobble up enemies, and they are pretty strong in general. It’ll be interesting to see just exactly how Yoshi will be incorporated into the movies.

The Super Mario Bros Movie’s ending also sets up Bowser as another potential villain because he is still trapped in the Mushroom Kingdom. Here is just hoping that whenever they do make a sequel, they add a bit more story into it, because it was definitely needed here. The Super Mario Bros Movie: Chris Pratt Promises ‘The Movie Really Honours the Video Game’ and Is Super Nostalgic.

The Super Mario Bros Movie is playing in theaters right now.

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