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This new eye drop may eliminate reading glasses; To become first-of-its-kind in India

A Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company announced on Tuesday that it is in the final stages of developing an eye drop that could change the lives of millions with age-related blurred near vision. The condition, known as presbyopia, is the gradual loss of the eye’s ability to focus on nearby objects and it usually affects people mostly over 40 years of age.

According to Entod Pharmaceuticals, these eye drops have the potential to replace reading glasses for people who have trouble seeing close-up as they age.

The pharma company claims that these eye drops have been shown to improve close-up vision within 15 minutes, with one drop in each eye providing sharper vision for 6 to 10 hours. Clinical studies carried out worldwide have also shown promising results including in the US.

“These eye drops, called PresVu, would be the first of its kind in India to treat presbyopia to be developed by our DSIR-approved laboratory. Detailed findings from studies and clinical trials would soon be presented to the DCGI to initiate the regulatory approval process in India. Following approval, we intend to manufacture these eye drops under the “Make in India” initiative and launch it across the country and worldwide at an affordable price. We intend to make this eye drop available as a less expensive alternative to spectacles,” ENTOD Pharmaceutical’s CEO Nikkhil K Masurkar said in a statement on Tuesday.

The company also claims that PresVu Eye Drops has the potential to utilise the eye’s natural ability to reduce its pupil size.

“…which in turn could expand the depth of field and focus, allowing a person to focus at different ranges naturally. Furthermore, these eye drops have the unique ability to rapidly adjust to the pH of the tears in the eyes through a unique dynamic buffer technology that makes them ideal for long-term use and safety,” Alpesh Chauhan, senior marketing manager, stated on Tuesday.

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