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Thriving Vinati Organic’s

Ortho Tertiary Butyl Phenol (OTBP)

Ortho Tertiary Butyl Phenol (OTBP)

Vinati Organics is a chemical manufacturer with a diversified portfolio of impeccable products and adhere to strong environmental practice.

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, October 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Market Overview:

Even though it is not directly used, Butyl Phenols find application as raw material and act as one of the most critical building blocks for manufacturing useful products such as perfumery, inks, resins, plastics, and lubricants and span a wide range of industries.

Vinati Organics is a chemical manufacturer with a diversified portfolio of impeccable products and adhere to strong environmental practice. Vinati Organics is one of the leading and largest (by volume) manufacturers and suppliers of ortho tertiary butyl phenol. The chemical products manufactured and delivered are of superior quality and a purity of 99%. In conjunction with Ortho Tertial Butyl Phenol (OTBP), Vinati Organics also provide other product such as Para-Tertiary Butyl Phenol (PTBP), 2,4-Di Tertiary Butyl Phenol (2,4-DTBP), 2,6-Di Tertiary Butyl Phenol (2,6-DTBP).

Statistical Observation: Approximately 35-40% of the entire butyl phenols manufactured by Vinati Organics is extensively used in the perfumery industry. On the other hand, approximately 15% of the product is used for plastic additives, and the remaining butyl phenols are used for inks/ resins and lubricants.

Switzerland and Taiwan are the two major importers of Vinati Organic’s Ortho-tertiary butyl Phenol (OTBP).

About The Product – Ortho Tertiary Butyl Phenol Otbp:

Properties Of Butylphenol/ Ortho Tertiary Butyl Phenol (Otbp):

IUPAC name: 2-Tert-Butylphenol

Other names: O-Tertiary Butyl Phenol, OTBP; 2-tert-Butylp; 2-t-Butylphenol; O-T-Butylphenol; o-tert-butyl-phenol; o-tert-butylphenol; 2-tert-butylphenol.

CAS Number: 88-18-6

Molar mass: 150.221 g.mol-1

Molecular Weight: 150.22

Linear Formula: (CH3)3CC6H4OH

Molecular Formula: C10H14O

Physical Properties Of Ortho Tertiary Butylphenol:

Form: Liquid

Refractive index: n20/D 1.523 (lit.)

Boiling point (C): 224 Degrees Celsius (lit.)

Melting point (C): –7 Degrees Celsius (lit.)

Flash point (C): 102 Degrees Celsius – Pensky – Martens Closed cup

Liquid Density (g/ml): 0.982 at 20 Degrees Celsius or 0.978g/mL at 25 Degrees Celsius (lit.)

Viscosity: 13.1 at 20 Degrees Celsius

Vapour Pressure: 0.05 mm Hg (20 Degrees Celsius)

Specifications Of Ortho Tertiary Butylphenol:

Appearance: clear liquid or colourless oil

Colour: <50 APHA or 20 Max

Purity, percentage of Weight by GLC: > 99.50

Water, percentage of Weight by KF: < 0.10

Phenol, percentage of Weight by GLC: > 99.50

Percentage of Moisture: 0.1 Max

Ortho Tertiary Butylphenol’s Solubility:

Ortho tertiary butyl phenol CAS 88-18-6 is insoluble in water but miscible in Isopentane, Toluene, and Ethyl Alcohol (in accordance with Weight percentage at 20 Degrees Celsius). Moreover, 2 tert butylphenol reacts with 10% NaOH.

Packaging Of Ortho Tertiary Butylphenol

Ortho Tertiary Butylphenol is supplied in an ISO tanker or 200 Kg coated steel drums/ HM-HDPE plastic barrels, or 150 kg galvanized drum – to help ensure ecological and human safety.

Ortho Tertiary Butyl Phenol’s industrial Application

Chemical Intermediates, flavour, and Fragrance are the two major applications of 2 tert butylphenol CAS number 88-18-6. Moreover, ortho tertiary butyl phenol (OTBP) is widely used as a critical component/ intermediate in products such as flame retardants, flavours, fragrances, fuel, antioxidants, plastics, and agrochemicals.

Ortho-tertiary butyl Phenol (OTBP) is utilized as an intermediate to make perfumery ingredients ortho tertiary butyl cyclo hexyl acetate (OTBCHA) and 2-tert butyl cyclo hexanol (OTBCH). Cis-2-t-butylcyclohexanol is manufactured by the hydrogenation of ortho-tertiary-butyl phenol in the presence of catalysts and is extensively employed in the production of fragrance products.

Agriculture and Consumer-goods industries employ 2 tert butylphenol CAS 88-18-6 as a raw material for the production of Perfumery intermediates, oil soluble synthetic resins, and insecticides, including other forms of agro-products.


According to market research analysts, the horizon of 2 tert butylphenol applications is expected to expand rapidly in the next few years, resulting in rapid demand growth. Vinati Organics strives to develop a threshold purity (products) and quality large-scale facilities to meet the ever-expanding requirement of Ortho Tertiary Butyl Phenol both in the domestic and international markets.

Siddhant Choudhary
Vinati Organics Limited
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