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Top 10 Best Mobile Accessories Brands In India In 2023

Top 10 Best Mobile Accessories Brands In India In 2023

In the modern world, mobile phones have become a necessity, and as their use increases, so will the need for their accessories. People are unable to survive for even a moment without them since they have become an essential component of our existence.  Several accessories are needed for mobile phones in order to boost performance and provide protection. This thereby creates a doorway for a significant business opportunity.

Since most people’s digital lives revolve around their phones, getting the best phone accessories is almost as important as picking the best phone. There is a sea of options to get lost in after you’ve decided that you want or desire a new phone accessory, whether it’s a battery pack, a fast charger, a gaming controller, or whatever else has caught your attention.

The most expensive option isn’t usually the best, but neither is picking the cheapest. As more individuals switch to wireless technology, there are challenges. For instance, some retailers provide no warranty on low-quality products, which at first appeals to customers but quickly loses its appeal. Even the word “mobile accessories” is made up of two words. The term “accessories” refers to items that, when added, can make the original item more useful.

The term “mobile accessories” refers to any equipment that may be added to a mobile device in order to expand its functionality. The term “mobile accessories” refers to items like chargers, earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, selfie sticks, camera lens adapters, etc. Mobile accessories come in a wide variety. Relating to rising usage and demand for mobile phones. The market for mobile accessories has grown significantly as well.

In-demand product firms typically attempt to include chargers, earphones, power banks, headphones, fit bands, smartwatches, elegant back coverings, earbuds, speakers, protections, and dongles among the newest accessories because of the trend toward wireless and ease. Fast networking speeds, wireless connectivity, ease of use, practicality, and stylish features are continually in demand and will continue to sustain and grow the accessory market.

The rise of high-tech development is the result of significant investments made by several businesses. The best brands are under fierce competition, and these businesses are receiving a lot of investment. Mobile accessories are becoming increasingly popular as more smartphones are produced and people become more fascinated by technological advancements. People will go above and beyond to keep their phones safe, fashionable, and stylish. This has evolved into the industry’s driving force for mobile accessories.

Different Mobile Accessory Types

The following is a list of mobile accessories.

  • Cases/Covers
  • Earphones (wired or wireless) 
  • Lenses for phone cameras and smart flash
  • Headphones (wired or wireless)
  • Tempered glass for mobile screens
  • Posing stick
  • Tripod
  • Lamination of mobile screens
  • Chargers and batteries
  • HDMI cords
  • Electric brick
  • Bluetooth
  • Cable Bluetooth
  • Battery pack
  • Brick for car charging
  • Wireless speaker

Basics of Mobile Accessories Startups

It is not difficult to plan a startup for mobile accessories. Additionally, it’s not a big deal to get your startup off to a strong start. The real talent, though, lies in keeping them there, if not even getting better. The most crucial things for a mobile accessories startup to be aware of are our market study, location selection, fund gathering, business model development, finishing the legal processes, keeping an eye out for different parts and their suppliers, and inventory management.

To simply start a firm, all these requirements must be met. The most crucial factor when deciding where to keep a corporation is its funding or source of capital. Not all startups make money right away; some struggle along the way before finally becoming successful. In the examples of mobile accessory firms that we’ll talk about, some had an easy road to success while others struggled.

The Market For Mobile Accessories in India

Customers frequently utilize external batteries, USB cables, mobile cases and covers, chargers, and earbuds as mobile accessories. The distinctiveness of the distribution channels gives the market’s players a competitive edge. It is made up of a variety of national, local, and small-scale distributors. To reach a large consumer base, producers can market their goods through one or many retailers and distribution partners. The mobile accessories market in India is anticipated to reach INR 252.80 Bn by 2023 as a result of the significant increase in the adoption of smartphones and tablets.

Power banks are becoming more popular among Indian consumers as portable charging solutions. These gadgets serve the same purpose as high-capacity batteries and turbochargers. The youth, who spend a lot of money on large-display smartphones, are slowly becoming more and more interested in various types of device stands and holders. Currently, low-cost imports dominate the Indian market for smartphone accessories. These goods are primarily offered through neighbourhood shops, supporting the market for less expensive mobile accessories. As a result, the market for branded products is being hampered by unbranded grey market offerings.

List Of The Top 10 Best Mobile Accessories Brands In India In 2023

One of the world’s biggest smartphone markets in India. The demand for smartphone accessories has increased more than ever due to advancements in technology and market demand. We have included a list of the Top 10 mobile accessory brands in India to assist you in making the best choice from the vast selection.

mobile accessories

In Asia, Xiaomi Corporation—often referred to as Xiaomi Inc.—is a Chinese manufacturer and designer of consumer electronics, related software, home appliances, and other goods for the home. additionally to mobile phones. Along with camera protection, quick chargers, and wireless chargers, Xiaomi also produces protective cases, covers, glasses, and foils.

Lei Jun, a modern multi-billionaire, launched Xiaomi in Beijing in 2010 at the age of 40. He was joined by six senior partners. In India, which has only experienced growth year over year, Xiaomi mobiles have also become very popular. Xiaomi maintains its leading position with ongoing optimization and improvements, as well as marketing at competitive rates.


mobile accessoriesmobile accessories

A new smartphone company called Realme is committed to offering devices with excellent performance, chic looks, and sincere services. They started making accessories like headphones, phone cases, and chargers in addition to smartphones. There is a large following for this mid-segment mobile phone and accessory industry. It is also slowly starting to compete with premium brands like Oppo and Vivo, say well-known internet blogs. Realme is giving these market leaders a run for their money with its reliable product range, innovative designs, and unmatched performance.

mobile accessoriesmobile accessories

BoAt is a lifestyle company that specializes in modern consumer electronics and was established in 2016. It offers a high-quality product line with a variety of speakers, earbuds, headphones, portable chargers, and opulent cables.

The brand became well-known while riding the Nirvana waves in the audio electronics sector. BoAt refers to its brand ambassadors as “BoAtheads.” Indian musicians Neha Kakkar and rapper Naved Shaikh (also known as Naezy), as well as athletes like cricketers Hardik Pandya and Shreyas Iyer, are just a few of the brand’s influencers. Additionally, BoAt has co-branded its audio products with significant occasions like the Lakmé Fashion Week as well as music festivals like Sunburn.

mobile accessoriesmobile accessories

Shree Sant Kripa Appliances Pvt. Ltd., the principal enterprise of the SSK Group, was founded in 1989. Due to the SSK Group’s pursuit of excellence over the past 20 years, it has become a force to be reckoned with in a number of industries. Syska Accessories was developed after considerable study and innovation with the goal of serving the growing mobile phone industry in India.

The purpose of Syska Accessories is to enhance the lives of individuals who utilize them. They have undergone quality control testing, feature attractive designs, and are strong and durable. Syska Accessories are made-to-order products with extensive research and innovation for the expanding mobile phone user base. Power banks, speakers, and headphones from Syska Accessories have aesthetically pleasing designs and are durable, dependable, and of high quality.

mobile accessoriesmobile accessories

In 1891, Frederik Philips founded Philips & Company. Although the present location of the Benelux headquarters is in Eindhoven, Amsterdam has served as the organization’s primary headquarters since 1997. Philips used to be one of the top electronics manufacturers in the world.

Philips has been associated with innovation and service for almost a century. They have improved people’s lives with a steady stream of ground-breaking innovations for more than 130 years. The well-known electronics manufacturer Phillips also produces cables, phone and tablet mounts, power banks, and phone chargers.

mobile accessoriesmobile accessories

Mivi is a 2016 startup in the audio electronics industry. The names of the company’s co-founders, Midhula Devabhaktuni and Viswanadh Kandula, are the source of the name Mivi. Mivi is a direct-to-consumer brand that manufactures and designs all of its items in India in accordance with customer requests. They have a team of more than 850 people.

Mivi offers a variety of accessories including cables, chargers, custom and designer cases, tempered glass, power banks, car accessories, and audio equipment like earbuds and headphones. An Rs. 3.5 crore initial investment was made by the company. They produce trustworthy and affordable accessories that are beautiful and functional because they have the expertise and knowledge of Indian clients.

mobile accessoriesmobile accessories

Portronics entered the market for the first time in 2010 and changed the Consumer Electronics Space’s proportions. They have been at the forefront of revolutionizing the portable and innovative technology that has dominated the Indian scene with more than 1600+ successful product launches and advancements.

Portronics pioneered the idea of using Indian technology in portable Bluetooth speakers, earphones, vehicle accessories, hubs & cables, power banks, and other gadgets. Additionally, Portronics has garnered numerous honours over the past ten years. They have raised digital standards in only a few short years by selling more than 10 million products. The mobility and inventiveness of these devices are outstanding. They are specialized devices that meet the needs of every user.

Given that the brand offers the highest-quality, most innovative products, they concentrate their efforts on using distinctive designs, reliable high-quality components, and robust but stylish exteriors. The goal of the company is to transform objects from being mere machines into satisfying living experiences.

mobile accessoriesmobile accessories

Samsung began the electronics industry in the late 1960s. No introduction is necessary for this South Korean electronics and computing giant. They routinely produce some of the best smartphones available, and they have a cult-like fanbase. They are a company that values variety and sells products in a number of areas, including home accessories, telephone, computer, and smartphone accessories.

By releasing products online on Amazon and other offline retail sites, the company has revived its growth by creating demand for its products before they are launched. For all Samsung mobile phone models, they are selling genuine accessories such as back covers, toughened glass, mobile pouches, power bank kits, headphones, headsets, Bluetooth headsets, mobile chargers, charger cables, data cables, and more.

mobile accessoriesmobile accessories

iBall is an established business. 2001 marked the start of it. But at the time, the only thing available from iBall was a mouse. IBall gained popularity over time and entered new areas, including the mobile industry. iBall soon rose to popularity in the mobile sector, where it was known for manufacturing and offering mobile devices as well as related accessories. Mobile accessories from iBall include speakers, Bluetooth devices, wireless earbuds, and more.

In May 2016, iBall and Intel announced a strategic alliance, and Microsoft claimed to have introduced the iBall CompBook, India’s most affordable Windows 10 laptop, at a price of $9,999. The MEA Award for Innovative Use of Ambient Media was given to iBall in 2020. Through its 5000 trading partners, 1,000,000 active shops, and 500+ support centres, iBall has reached over 100 million users. With online and contemporary shopping, iBall now aims to appeal to India’s intelligent and tech-savvy consumers. The new Indian, who is knowledgeable, inventive, and motivated, is addressed by iBall 2.0. They are of I generation.

mobile accessoriesmobile accessories

Ambrane is a domestic electronics company that was established in 2012 with the intention of offering smart electrical products. They started their journey with the Power Bank, which has since evolved into the brand’s signature item and identity. They contributed to “Make in India” by being the first company to make power banks in India, which was a significant accomplishment.

With a wide range of items in their portfolio, including mobile accessories, audio, personal care and grooming products, and other smart devices, they have expanded significantly over the years and now have a strong national presence. Additionally, they have over 15 million satisfied consumers and have become one of the top Indian companies on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

Growing significance of mobile phone accessories

These days, it’s hard to locate someone without a cell phone. Because the telecom industry has been liberalized in the majority of the world’s nations, cell phone use has increased while maintenance costs have decreased. The last five years have seen significant money created by the cell phone business. In all the nations, there are numerous mobile service providers who have established successful businesses for themselves.

One more concern has recently gained attention. It concerns both the security of mobile phone equipment and the security of its users. Purchasing cell phone accessories is primarily done for safety reasons. Additionally, they help you get the most of your smartphone. It might function better and perhaps appear better after the installation of these extras. By including the appropriate attachments for your needs, you can even use your smartphone as a flexible device.

How the Indian Market for Mobile Phone Accessories Is Growing

Over the forecast period, of 2017–2024, it is anticipated that the Indian mobile accessory market will grow at a CAGR of 10.5%. In 2016, the market for mobile phone accessories was valued at USD 1.42 billion, and by the end of 2024, it is expected to generate USD 3.54 billion.

Over the course of the forecast period, factors including an ageing population are expected to fuel the expansion of the Indian market for mobile phone accessories. According to Arvind Singhal, head of retail consulting firm Technopak, “the industry presents enormous prospects to manufacturers due to the vast number of mobile device users and strong growth in adoption of smartphones and tablets.”

Increase in the Number of Stores, Both Online and Offline

The rise of the Indian mobile accessories market is expected to be accelerated by factors including the presence of a strong distribution network, including multi-brand stores and online retailers of mobile phones and accessories. The drop in average selling price has also attracted a sizable number of customers from the middle-class and lower-income groups to purchase mobile phone accessories. The top five revenue-generating products are, in descending order, memory cards, screen protectors, mobile covers and cases, power banks, and chargers.

Rapid Urbanization Growth

The need for better mobile phone accessories, such as high-end earphones and headphones, is rising as a result of India’s growing urban population. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the market for accessories would develop greatly due to the increased migration of rural residents to metropolitan areas.

Increase in Disposable Income

Mobile accessory producers now have more options to enter the market thanks to the increasing use of mobile phones. The increase in disposable income has completely changed how customers shop and spend. Consumers’ shifting perspectives are fueling a surge in demand for stylish smartphone accessories.

Increase in the Use of Wireless Smart Accessories

With the development of technology, a number of characteristics have been added, including AI and IoT, which enable hyperconnectivity and intelligence in electronic gadgets. This encourages the usage of wireless mobile devices like smart wearables, speakers, headsets, and earphones, among others.

Furthermore, the industry for mobile phone accessories is growing as a result of developments in the field of smart wireless mobile accessories. For instance, Alexa, an AI system built into the Echo Show 5 display speakers, was introduced by Amazon. Additionally, the market for mobile phone accessories is growing due to the increased usage of smart wearables for health monitoring, such as fitness bands.

Increase in the Use of Smartphones

Mobile phones’ rapid technological advancement in the twenty-first century has led to their widespread use as a utility for routine chores like alarms, task reminders, remote appliance control, and others. Additionally, applications that explore entertainment and media functionalities like big touch displays, speakers, simple volume controls, voice control intelligence, and other features offer value to the market. As a result, to a significant extent, cell phones have replaced laptops, cameras, wristwatches, and other equipment.

Additionally, features like handsfree and others create a demand for headsets and headphones, pushing the user to purchase these mobile accessories. The brittle design and screen of mobile phones also encourage customers to buy screen protectors and protective cases. In order to draw customers, these protective items are produced with attention to both design and quality. As a result, the market for mobile phone accessories is also growing as smartphone adoption rises.

Hurdles in the Way

Products that are pirated: The market for mobile phone accessories is predicted to suffer from the growing danger of piracy. When compared to products made by big manufacturers, the materials utilized in pirated goods are of lower quality. However, since counterfeit goods are sold for a small fraction of the cost of genuine goods, customers in developing nations like China and India favour the former over the latter.

Lack of Standardization: Lack of Standardization is predicted to impede the growth of the global market for mobile phone accessories. According to experts, the components and technologies used to manufacture mobile accessories are not properly standardized. Market standards that are not clear cause significant pricing and product differentiation.

Future Perspective

The market for mobile accessories in India is anticipated to expand more rapidly over the next few years as a result of the significant increase in the adoption of smartphones and tablets. The distinctiveness of the distribution channels gives the market’s players a competitive edge. It is made up of a variety of national, local, and small-scale distributors. The producers want to reach a sizable client base in the near future by marketing their goods through one or more retailers and distribution partners.


More and more of our daily activities depend on our smartphones. Many more items and devices have been replaced by these small electronics. From calculators to cameras and everything in between, we can almost do everything on our phones. Even while nothing is perfect, the market for phone accessories is always growing, making up for any shortcomings.

Finding the Best Mobile Accessories for it is essential because the phone serves as the majority of people’s digital universe’s hub. The number of alternatives available once you’ve determined you need or want a phone accessory—whether it’s a new battery pack, a fast charger, a gaming controller, or anything else you find appealing—can be daunting at first. Here are a few of our favourite resources that you might also find helpful.

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