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Store electronic devices in a water proof cover.
To avoid insect bite, keep anti mosquito cream with you.

Travel Tricks In Rain: Most of the people like to roam during the rainy days. The rainy season is such, in which there is relief from the scorching sun and sultry heat. Many people plan to travel during the rainy season. In this season people like to go to such places, where natural beauty blooms even more in this season. This happens many times, but it can be quite challenging to leave the house during the rainy season. In such a situation, some things should be kept in mind while traveling in the rainy season. Let’s take a look at these.

carry synthetic clothes

Keep synthetic clothes while traveling in the rainy season. This will make your journey very good. Synthetic fabrics are very light. Such clothes dry quickly after getting wet. Which make your journey comfortable.

don’t forget repellents

Mosquitoes and other insects can spoil your travel during the rainy season. So to avoid this, keep repellents with you. You can also take roll-on or stick-on. This will give protection from mosquitoes and will prevent infection.

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Carry a raincoat and umbrella

It is easy to love the rainy season, but it is difficult to avoid it. You must keep a raincoat and umbrella with you while traveling. This will save you from getting wet in the rain.

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waterproof luggage

Whenever you travel in the rainy season, carry waterproof luggage with you. Whether you take a road trip or a car trip. Waterproof luggage will work for you in every way. It will protect your belongings from rain.

Carry a waterproof electronic device with you

If you are traveling in the rainy season, then carry a waterproof electronic device with you. This keeps your travel safe. Keep the cover of your phone and other devices waterproof as well. in order to avoid any loss. If you want to make travel comfortable during rainy days, then these tips are going to be very useful for you. Which you must try.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 26, 2022, 07:58 IST

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