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Trending news: Health care: Now robotic surgery will also be available in Ghaziabad at less cost than Delhi – Hindustan News Hub

Report : Vishal Jha

Ghaziabad. In the world of science, new discoveries keep coming up every day, due to which human life is becoming easier. One of these discoveries is robotic surgery. The good news is that now you can take advantage of robotic surgery in Ghaziabad too. Robotic surgery has started at Yashoda Hospital in Nehru Nagar. This new technology will give a big relief to the people of Ghaziabad and Delhi-NCR.

Robotic surgery system will benefit the patients by removing the drawbacks of laparoscopic surgery. The robotic surgical system consists of 3D imaging, tremor filters and articulated instruments. In Delhi, the cost of surgery with this robotic system is around 2.5 lakh to 3 lakh, while in Yashoda Hospital, the cost of this surgery is only between 80 to 90 thousand.

These robots are handled through the console. At the time of operation in the operation theatre, there is an operator on the console. On the other hand, an assistant doctor on the patient’s side easily makes this surgery successful. This surgery also takes less time. For surgery, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to start these robots and bring them into operating mode.

Dr Ashish Gautam told News18 Local that this technique will help the patients a lot. Pain is also less during robotic surgery and speedy recovery is seen after surgery. Different color codes have been given to these robots. So that the operator sitting on the console can easily control the robot which is to be commanded.

What is robotic surgery

Robotic surgery is said to be an extended version of laparoscopic surgery. It is also known by some as the term keyhole surgery instead of robotic surgery. Actually, in laparoscopic surgery, the instruments are not able to move easily, but due to the fulcrum in the robotic arm, it can easily perform surgery on difficult places of the body. In this way doctors are able to handle complex surgeries easily with the help of robots. The device is under the control of a surgeon sitting on a computerized console. The camera provides a 3D view of the operative area through a special camera inserted into the patient’s body. It provides a detailed view of the delicate structures surrounding the organ to be operated on and helps to protect them. Robotic devices have a special technology. Which is called ‘endowrist’. It works at a higher speed than the human wrist.

Risks of robotic surgery

Like any other surgery, there are some risks associated with robotic surgery. Robotic surgery is also prone to infection and many other complications.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : October 03, 2022, 20:32 IST

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