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Commercial production of airless tires will start soon.
Companies like Michelin and Bridgestone are ahead.
Tires will not be punctured by nails.

Airless Tyre: When you are out for a long drive in your car and the tire gets punctured on the way, then it becomes the biggest problem. In such a situation, the problem is further increased when you do not have stepney tires and there is no mechanic nearby. But now very soon the problem of getting punctured or getting air out of the tires is going to be relieved.

Big tire companies around the world are working on a new type of tire structure that will not need to be filled with air. Several tire brands such as Michelin and Bridgestone showcased prototypes of airless tires years ago, which will soon be made available for general consumer use. Currently, some companies are testing prototypes of these tires and they are expected to be launched for passenger vehicles by the end of 2023.

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What is the concept of ‘airless’ tyres?
Generally, there is a thin rubber tube inside the tire used for vehicles and air is filled in this tube. On hitting a nail or any sharp object on the way, a hole is made in this tube, due to which the air comes out. The design of ordinary tires is such that once deflated, it cannot be fixed without a mechanic.

However, this is not the case with airless tyres. Airless tires are also made of rubber but inside they have flexible spokes made of rubber and plastic instead of tubes. These spokes act as a cushion between the tire surface and the rim and give the tire the ability to support the weight of the vehicle. In this, the outermost surface of the tire looks like a rubber sheet on which treads are made like a normal tyre.

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It is not that the concept of this puncture proof tire is completely new. Such tires are being used in military vehicles. This type of tire was first introduced in 2005, after which many companies are engaged in improving it. For a long time, these tires are also being tested for passenger vehicles.

When will you be able to buy these tyres?
Since airless tires are still completely new to the general public, they are not yet being manufactured on a large scale. Apart from this, the technology of these tires is different from the normal tyres, so companies need huge investment to produce them. Before coming in the market, airless tires have to meet the transport and passenger safety rules of different countries.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : April 06, 2023, 21:06 IST

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