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The aim of Indian Railways is to serve the citizens of the country. This is the reason why it operates a variety of services. The purpose of these services is to meet the needs of different sections of the society. It operates trains like Vande Bharat and Rajdhani for the upper middle class. At the same time, the work of running a bullet train between Ahmedabad and Mumbai is also going on for the rich business class. Similarly, different types of trains like super fast and mail, passenger, EMU, DMU, ​​intercity are run. The purpose of all these services is to fulfill the needs of each different class.

Along with meeting these needs, it is also the job of the Railways to provide the best services to its citizens in less money. There is also pressure on this department of the Government of India to make available the facilities made for the upper class to the poor section of the society in as little money as possible. Under this concept, Railways started a train service called ‘Capital of the poor’ about two decades ago. In these trains, the fare for Rajdhani is about 30 percent less than that of normal express trains. Not only this, these trains compete with trains like Rajdhani and Vande Bharat in terms of speed and reaching the destination on time. We are talking about Garib Rath Express trains. You will be surprised to know that these trains compete with Rajdhani and Vande Bharat in terms of speed and time accuracy.

Your mind will be bogged down! Yours is side upper berth, there are two RAC passengers on the bottom seat, where will you sit?

Actually, Garib Rath trains were started in the year 2005. These are fully air conditioned trains. These are called no-frills air-conditioned trains. No frills means that these trains do not have those things which are mandatory to be installed. In this way it helps in keeping its rent low. Today these trains are running on 26 routes across the country. Their services are excellent. This train service was first started between Saharsa in Bihar to Amritsar in Punjab.

Rajdhani Speed
The maximum speed of Garib Rath trains has been fixed at 130 km per hour. In this case, these trains give competition to Rajdhani Express trains. The maximum speed of Rajdhani trains is also 130-140 kmph. Not only this, it also gives competition to Vande Bharat, the country’s first semi-high speed train. The maximum speed of Vande Bharat train has been fixed at 160 km on the Delhi-Bhopal route, while on other routes its maximum speed is only around 130 km. You can get an idea of ​​the speed of this train from the fact that Rajdhani trains between Delhi and Patna take 11:30 to 11:55 hours while Garib Rath reaches in 12:30 hours.

Passenger of Vande Bharat counted ‘shortcomings’, but slept wide during the journey, ate milk-cornflakes for breakfast

Less than half the fare as compared to Rajdhani
The fare in this train is about 40 per cent as compared to Rajdhani trains. For example, the third AC fare in Rajdhani train running between Delhi and Patna is around Rs.2500. Whereas in Garib Rath, the fare between these two cities is only Rs 950. As far as the travel time is concerned, the speed of both these trains is almost same. But, there are more stoppages after Garib Rath enters Bihar, due to which there is a slight increase in the travel time.

Railway takes out the expenses from here
It is bound to arise a question in your mind that how does the Railways, which offers AC coach travel at such a low cost, recover the operating expenses. Actually, as we have mentioned above that Garib Rath trains have been kept in ‘no frills’ category. That is, no such decoration or facility is provided in these trains which is not very important. For this reason, like Rajdhani, the cost of food and drink is not included in the ticket price. Then the passengers are not even given blankets and sheets in this train. For this, passengers have to pay during the journey. Along with this, the seats of this train are not as comfortable as Rajdhani. It has 78 berths in a third AC coach, while the third AC coach of Rajdhani Express has sleeping arrangements for only 64 passengers. That is, one coach of Garib Rath has 14 more berths than that of Rajdhani.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : April 07, 2023, 16:24 IST

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