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Within Almost Nine Years In Service, Over 90 Crore Commuters Have Started Using Metro Line One

Mumbai Metro One, the city’s inaugural metro line, surpassed a remarkable 900 million commuters on December 2, 2023, within just 8.9 years of operation. Launched on June 8, 2014, this metro line has become the preferred mode of transportation for Mumbaikars.

The rapid ascent to this milestone was highlighted by an impressive 100 million increase in ridership within a mere 282 days, showcasing the metro’s pivotal role in the city’s transportation network. This extraordinary feat can be attributed to the relentless commitment to world-class service, customer-centric experiences, and operational excellence.

Mumbai Metro Line-1, one of the densely populated metro in India, has pioneered innovative solutions in the realm of urban transportation.

“The introduction of Mobile QR Ticketing in 2017, a global first in WhatsApp ticketing, and the revolutionary Paper QR Ticket in 2020 to combat the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic showcase the system’s adaptability and responsiveness to contemporary needs.” said spokesperson of Mumbai Metro One Private Ltd ( MMOPL).

Reducing carbon footprint

According to MMOPL, the metro’s impact extends beyond convenience to sustainability, with 2.30 MW capacity solar panels spread across all 12 metro stations and an additional 2,000 rooftop panels at the Metro Depot. “These initiatives align with the broader goals of environmental responsibility and contribute to the reduction of the system’s carbon footprint,” said an official.

Key achievements:

Key achievements, such as shortening the link to Andheri Railway Station, boosting ridership around 20 percent, and the introduction of the Unlimited Trip Pass for increased flexibility and affordability, highlight Mumbai Metro One’s dedication to enhancing commuter experience and convenience.

“Currently, MMOL operates 408 trips daily, carrying more than 4.6 Lakhs commuters on weekdays. With a service frequency of approximately 3.5 minutes during peak hours and 8 minutes during off-peak hours, Mumbai Metro One Ltd has become a reliable and efficient mode of transportation for daily commuters,” said an official.

“The success story of Mumbai Metro One is not just about numbers; it’s a narrative of transformative impact and positive change in the urban landscape. The system’s commitment to safety, security, cleanliness, reliability, and comfort has earned it the trust and preference of commuters, advertising brands, and retail partners,” he said.

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