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World Health Day 2023: Date, Theme And Nutrition Tips You Can Follow Everyday

In recent times, we have realised that health is truly the biggest wealth that anyone can have. Having a healthy mind and a fit body can go a long way in keeping us satisfied and happy. If we look back at the past decade, humans have made significant strides of development in the field of healthcare. Life expectancy has increased, vaccines have been invented and diseases have been wiped out from many countries. To celebrate these milestones, every year, World Health Day is marked by the World Health Organisation (WHO) of the United Nations.

When Is World Health Day Celebrated? | World Health Day Date

World Health Day is celebrated every year on April 7. World Health Day was instated in the year 1950 by the WHO. Interestingly, April 7, 2023, also marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the WHO and the celebrations will begin on World Health Day and continue all year round.

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World Health Day is celebrated on April 7. Photo Credit: iStock

World Health Day Theme: ‘Health For All’

This year, on April 7, World Health Day is of special significance thanks to it being the 75th anniversary of the WHO. Thus, the theme of World Health Day in 2023 is ‘Health For All’.

“In 1948, countries of the world came together to establish the United Nations specialized agency to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable – so that everyone, everywhere can attain the highest level of health and well-being,” reads the description on the official website.

The idea is to make healthcare accessible for all and promote healthcare facilities, especially for vulnerable groups. “The goal that has guided WHO since 1948 is as important today as it was at our founding – to work together to improve the health and well-being of every person and achieve health for all,” the release stated.

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World Health Day 2023: Nutrition Tips You Can Follow Everyday

In 2022, the WHO shared some nutrition tips to prevent non-communicable diseases like obesity, diabetes, liver disease, stroke and hypertension. These are healthy diet tips that can easily be incorporated into daily life without much hassle. These will ensure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet that is nutritious and will protect you from lifestyle diseases.

Here Are WHO-Recommended Nutrition Tips That You Can Follow Everyday:

1. Cut back on salt and sugar

We have a tendency to overdo both salt and sugar in our diet, and ideally, the consumption of both should be kept to a minimum. The more you limit salt and sugar in your diet, the better your chance of maintaining good health. “Experiment with fresh or dried herbs and spices instead of salt. Reduce the use of salty sauces and condiments like soy or fish sauces,” said the WHO.

2. Watch fat intake

While certain fats are good for the body, others such as saturated and trans-fats are best avoided. You can make simple swaps in your diet and opt for low-fat or no-fat dairy and milk products. It is also best to avoid red meats and processed baked and fried foods and opt for white meats or other healthier alternatives instead.

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3. Think about a balanced diet

The WHO does not recommend eliminating any food group entirely from the diet. Rather, they suggest thinking about a wholesome and well-balanced meal comprising whole grains, legumes, animal-based products such as meats, eggs and dairy as well as whole fruits, vegetables and unsalted nuts. This will ensure your body gets adequate nutrition to get through the day.

4. Be mindful of what you drink

Many times, the drinks we consume can be laden with excess sugar and thus can harm the body without us even realising it. Thus, it is best to be mindful of what you drink at all times. “Reduce consumption of sugary beverages like soft drinks, juice, flavoured water, and ready-to-drink coffee. Avoid excessive and harmful use of alcohol,” said the WHO. Further, drink more water whenever possible.

Here’s wishing all our readers a very happy World Health Day!

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