You may have privilege to work from home, thousands of others don’t – The Vivekanand Vaidyak Prathishtan

Workers in Sangli district are facing burnt of the lockdown. Over 3000+ families are being directly hit by this crisis.


Over the last few weeks, the novel corona virus (Covid-19) has rapidly spread across the globe, affecting nearly all the countries, including India. From the most progressive countries to undeveloped countries, the pandemic has affected millions of lives and still, it is spreading further.

The government has been actively working towards controlling the outbreak. While a severe lock-down has been put in all states as a major preventive step. A large segment of the unrecognized sector i.e. construction workers, daily wages labor, street vendors, industrial workers do not have the necessary resources to survive, as we all know the vast majority of work in India is in the informal sectors. They rely on their daily wages for their bread and butter. These marginalized communities are already at the edge of despair as they don’t have proper homes, availability of resources, or adequacy of income. Most of them have exhausted their ration supplies while their children, who most of the time rely on mid-day meals have also stopped since many schools have shut down, bringing them on the Verge of starvation.

The Vivekanand vaidyak prathishtan, A charitable organization working in Sangli district of Maharashtra for the last 20 years with the goal of “selfless service for the most vulnerable and marginalized sections of our society.” Having a good understanding of the socio-economic realities of the population, the organization works in the health care sector to provide essential health care services to the marginalized community in the district.

During this critical time, these workers in Sangli district are facing burnt of the lockdown. Over 3000+ families are being directly hit by this crisis. Most of them are migrants from Karnataka, Bihar, Chattisgarh. Most of the government. Relief cannot be supplied because of the absence of residential proofs, leaving the workers with the option of stay and starve.

To overcome this, the organization is working restlessly over day and night to provide a ration and daily needs to those who have the shelters while serving ready food to those who are homeless. This noble work is done with the help of ideal community members like you.

The organization has supported more than 500 families as of today, providing them with essential food supplies. In addition to this, the organization is actively helping 100 others by providing them food packets. These packets are distributed to homeless and beggars who do not have any means to cook.

Vivekanand Vaidyak Pratishthan seeks your help in the relief work. Thousands of our brothers and sisters are on the verge of starvation. But your contribution can stop that. 

These donations go to those who do not have the luxury to work from home

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Visit http://vvponline.org For more information.

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Bank Details
Vivekanand Vaidyak Pratishthan
A/c no. 30312700007
State Bank of India
Market yard Sangli branch
Ifsc code SBIN0007971
Vivekanand Vaidyak Pratishthan is a charitable Not for Profit organisation. We strive to reach the most marginalised of communities in our society. We  strongly believe in Social transformation through selfless service.
The donations are exempted under 80G.

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